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Recently, Hiro, a plucky youth with heroic tendencies, has been in a rut. The only time he isn't bogged down by his anxieties is when he has a certain recurring dream.

Is it a dream about love?

Is it a dream about cake?

Is it a dream at all?

Hiro goes to school to see if he can figure out if he can clear up any of his doubts in this anime-inspired lite visual novel built in Visual Novel Maker.

This game is made to be the prelude of a larger body of work. Future chapters may come in the form of games of different genres and/or projects in different forms of media! For more from the expanding Action Smacktion Universe, please also try the following:


Install instructions

Extract .zip file

Find and double-click the application named "Game".

You may need to give the application permission to run.


AMW_ch0.zip 432 MB

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